Glitter Mermaid Magic Reversible Sequin Monokini

Glitter Mermaid Magic Reversible Sequin Monokini

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Made with reversible sequins, the glitter 'Mermaid' swimsuit changes color when you stroke a section with your hand. Magical isn't it?

The sequin colors are different on both sides of the fish-scales... giving it a magical look when you run your fingers through the fabric. Watch your friends faces in amazement as the color changes.

With this swimsuit, you can create your own designs depending on your mood.

  • Reversible monokini made with premium, environmentally-friendly sequin flakes that can be reversed for a customized fit.

  • These durable flakes will last in salty oasis' water... and even chlorine water. You won't have to worry about them flaking off.

  • Imported monokini.

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Hand wash only.